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In Feca you can find all necessary for the pruning season. Our staff will advice you about the best tools for your pruning works. Please, visit our garden site!
Everything is ready for you and you can buy the tools and materials you need for the harvest, with the news that this year you can also make your purchase online.
Find the best discounts at Gamma April brochure!
Nothing like a natural lawn, super careful, freshly cut, the freshness and aroma when we passed the lawn mower ... who could get it! But if your priority is not to always be aware of the lawn, of your diseases, if you touch it, cut it, do not step on it, the dog or the cat does not do its ...
New Cadena 88 magazine special autumn, with 63 pages of hardware, DIY and home. Tools and workshop machinery, special gardening pruning, back to school, decorating, kitchen and heating. Special prices are valid from 12 September to 31 October. Click the link ...
Do you know this feeling so characteristic that evokes a meeting around a barbecue? The smell of a good home cooked meal making grilled under the cover ... Discover the exciting world of barbecue in our hardware store, where we have a wide exposure barbecues gas, coal and electricity. BBQs ...
In November you have everything to reform your bathroom with new collections of furniture, furnishings and fittings. You think installing wood floor at home or in your favorite room? Well think no more! This month you have laminate floors from 8.85 € / m2. You can also finance your ...
Take advantage of Grup Gamma sales in bath products, furniture, screens, taps and accessories. You'll find discounts up to 50%. In our shop we also renew and offer furniture exhibition brands with discounts up to 60%. Prices valid with VAT included, except typo. Sale valid from January ...
We renew stocks! Up to 50% off bathroom furniture, taps, shower trays, screens, accessories ... New year ... new bathroom! Selected items available while stocks in store Grup Gamma. Download the sales magazine!
The pellet is a fuel that has gained prominence in recent years, a source of clean, green energy. Not all pellets are equal, the market offers a variety of quality and price that we can do when it comes to choose the most suitable for our pellet boiler or stove. Acquiring cheaper ...
This month you will be able to enjoy the special Plan Renova promotion of Gamma again. We offer a lot of possibilities in shower trays, screens and taps so you can change your old bathtub for a nice, modern and functional shower. Download the magazine of May from Grup Gamma to know all the ...
The cold is coming, you do not take off guard or unprepared! Chain 88 has published a special magazine with everything you might need to spend a warm and comfortable winter. http://www.cadena88.com/folletos/calefaccion_2016/
Cadena 88 presents its catalog with everything you need for the summer for your home, garden and holidays. Visit this link and discover all the new features at a good price! http://wcp.vpapel.net/wcp/catalogos/Verano_2014
Spring is very close and we want to enjoy it. Preparing our garden, terrace or balcony, consider doing a barbecue with friends, think of the Easter holidays, paint ... and a host of tasks that we face with the arrival of warm weather. In the 75 pages of the special magazine spring you will ...
In Feca we have everything ready to give the go-ahead to the calçotadas! Grills, gloves, barbecues, tongs and everything needed for a good calçotada. Prepare onions (cut to size green leaves, and roots) and col • Place them next to each other in a grid. Turn a fire blaze ...
Aquest Nadal aprofita l'oferta de Weber i aconsegueix una Weber Connect de Regal. El Weber Connect és el teu ingredient secret per a una barbacoa perfecta. Cuina pas a pas amb un assistent personal de barbacoa que t'avisa de tot mitjançant el teu dispositiu ...
Cementos Collet and Ferret Casulleras SL, invites you to a practical demonstration of how to build a Catalan vault with rapid natural cement IVORY mine. Date: 16/12/2014 Hour: 10h Location: FECA facilities. Price: Free GIFT to all attendees! Confirmation is requested, I hope. FECA - ...
On March 27th during the day, we will have the privilege of having in our facilities the professional team of the Rubi firm, specialists in solutions for the placement and cutting of ceramic pavements and coatings. During the day we invite you to participate in the practical demonstrations ...

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