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Modular pipe system is formed by a wide range of pipes, elbows, and T-joints of different diameters, angles and heights.
Depending on the type of heating system, the modular system offers solutions for different types of materials. We have a wide stock in our store to find your pipe as:

- Simple modular pipe wall: a modular fireplace system with guaranteed watertight. Perfect for smoke exhaust devices or liquid fuel, smoke exhaust gas appliances when installed silicone gasket and vitiated air evacuation, fume hoods kitchen.
It is manufactured in stainless steel, galvanized steel and glazed.

- Pipe polifuel modular insulated stainless steel double wall: comprised of two concentric cylinders made ​​of stainless steel which close by more extreme, an insulating chamber filled with rock wool d'30mm thickness and density with washers 125Kg/m3 50mm i i thick that the pressure 175Kg/m3 density at the edges. Ideal for sealed boilers, biomass stoves and chimneys or smoke extraction.

- Stainless steel pipe for gas boilers watertight with silicone seal: Your weld watertight silicone seal and prevent leaks. This pipe can attach one item to another using a novel rotating system without connecting flanges that simultaneously provides sealing of the dock. Ideal for smoke exhaust gas boilers and gas-oil or for the evacuation of vitiated air or fumes from kitchens.

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