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The harvesting of the olive is much more than a task of the field, it is an ancestral ritual. The olive tree is a venerated tree, some of them become millenarian. How many things they have seen over the centuries! And there they remain, impassive over time, living at a different pace and waiting for expert hands to clear their branches, protect them from disease and collect olives.
The gathering of the olive unites different generations, talks, laughs, remembers those who are no longer and looks at the little ones thinking that one day it will be them and they who follow the tradition.
In Feca we offer the necessary tools for the collection of olives, from the most traditional to the most modern ... the rest is in the hands of his family.
Green mesh
6X10m green
49,07 €
(21,00 % VAT Included)
Green mesh
3x6m green
15,46 €
(21,00 % VAT Included)
Green mesh
4X8m green
25,53 €
(21,00 % VAT Included)
Green mesh
6X12m green
56,64 €
(21,00 % VAT Included)
Olive rake
Wooden handle iron rake
5,88 €
(21,00 % VAT Included)
Olive picking plastic rake
3,55 €
(21,00 % VAT Included)
Campeon benzine rake for olives
CAMPEON olive rake with 2-stroke petrol thermal engine.
299,00 €
(21,00 % VAT Included)
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