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Nothing like a natural lawn, super careful, freshly cut, the freshness and aroma when we passed the lawn mower ... who could get it!
But if your priority is not to always be aware of the lawn, of your diseases, if you touch it, cut it, do not step on it, the dog or the cat does not do its needs on the lawn and it smears ... and you want a lawn nice ... the solution is in the artificial turf!
We give you 5 wonderful reasons to convince you that artificial turf is your choice:
1. Does not require maintenance: goodbye to planting, irrigation and clearing. It is always beautiful.
2. Easy to install.
3. Resists weather variations.
4. We reduce water consumption. You just have to refresh it on very hot days.
5. We can step on it, play, it does not get stained, nothing happens if our pet urinates on it.
M2 artificial grass Bora 25mm
Natural look
13,95 €
(21,00 % VAT Included)
M2 artificial grass Bora 30mm
Natural look
16,95 €
(21,00 % VAT Included)
M2 artificial grass Bora 40mm
Natural look
18,95 €
(21,00 % VAT Included)
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