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Stop water ballon for 110mmØ gutter


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  26,47 €   (21,00% VAT Included)

Balloon Cut Water Ø 110 mm for downpipes.
What it is: Self inflated / deflated device, to collapse downpipes of Ø 110 mm.
It allows for repairs and replacements in downspouts without dripping due to deteriorated cisterns or accidental discharges of wastewater during work.
How does it work:
With a Ø 40 mm crown, a hole is made in the downpipe at approx. 30 cm. Above the fault, the Balloon is inserted into the hole without removing the clamp and we apply the aerosol charge, and we already have the balloon fully inflated inside the downpipe. At that time the repair or replacement of the downpipe or collector will proceed. Once the repair is completed, the retractable probe is stretched and the balloon deflates completely. When removing the Balloon cuts waters, the water accumulated in the downpipe by dripping or accidental discharge will be evacuated to the downpipe already repaired.
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